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Splined Shafts and Bushings

Splined Shafts and Bushings


At Robust Gear, we offer custom manufacturing and engineering of involute, splined shafts and bushings including:

Flat-root, side-fit: This type of splined shaft has a marginally, greater minor(male) diameter and a lesser, major(female) diameter. These shafts provide superior strength and fatigue resistance.

Flat-root, major diameter fit: this type of splined shaft has a tightly controlled outside diameter (male) and major(female) diameter.

Fillet-root, side-fit: This type of splined shaft promotes a full radius in the trochoid area between the teeth on both the male and female members. This full radius is tangent to the involute sides of adjacent teeth, providing maximum strength and durability.

Splined shafts and hubs are largely used in heavier applications where keys are not sufficiently strong. In such applications, the shafts are arranged so that they may fit, one within the other.

 Splined Shafts and Bushings

We specialize in the custom manufacturing and engineering of straight-sided splines, as listed below:

  • 6 splines
  • 10 splines
  • 16 splines


  • Class A: Permanent fit spline
  • Class B: To slide (no load) fit spline
  • Class C: To slide fit under load

Robust Gear is ISO 9001:2015
We provide high quality manufacturing services.

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