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Engineering & Reverse Engineering Services

Engineering Services

 Our team is experienced in troubleshooting and providing assistance in design and other engineering issues. We are happy to assist in, and offer consultation advice in the determination and implementation of, the optimal workable solution for all your gearing and machining needs. We are committed to the manufacturing of a product and/or providing a service with which we and our customers can be completely satisfied. With this in mind, we work closely with our customers from the beginning of the design phase to the completion of the product and/or service.

Reverse Engineering Services

 We are experienced in providing reverse engineering services for parts that are worn, damaged or non-functional and for which no drawings are available. Our very capable team can reconstruct a viable replacement that will replicate the function and workings of the original part. Upon request, we can also provide related Material Testing Reports and Inspection Reports. Please note, this may be requested on the purchase order accompanying the part to be replicated.

Robust Gear is ISO 9001:2015
We provide high quality manufacturing services.

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